Making a difference

Winning Souls

Preaching the good news of the Gospel to all nations, creeds and cultures across the earth. Using every opportunity, method and style to bring in the harvest of souls. This is the message of hope, faith and love that brings life in abundance and quenches every thirsty soul.

Equipping Believers

We equip believers by imparting Biblical knowledge with practical training, helping them understand their purpose and destiny and unlocking the full potential within them. This is complimented with skills training for today’s world, impacting every sphere of society, influencing it in a positive way.

Uplifting People

Living a life of joy, peace and prosperity is everyone’s right. Using good works as a means to help and meet the needs of others specially the poor, orphaned or widowed is what we aspire to. Making a difference and caring for others is a God given mandate.

“Lukewarm is not acceptable, believers that are white hot in their conviction and belief is what is needed to change this world. Prepared to pay a price”

Leslie Hessel

“I believe that this next great awakening will not be accredited to one person, organisation or place. It will be a move of the Spirit using every willing and available person. It will NOT be the way you expect.”

Leslie Hessel

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